“Good stuff, well written…I really enjoyed it! 

                                                            Ralph Murphy, Vice-President 


“You have beautiful songs, the album is produced beautifully and it’s really exciting to discover you….you’re really, really, REALLY talented!” 

                                                            Mitch Gallob, Producer, Writer 

                                                            Good Morning America (ABC) 

“We’re big fans of Diane Lindsay…”Don’ Wanna Geddup” is the new semi-official morning song of the Ken & Barklay Company Show. She’s good! Listen to this!!” 

                                                            Ken Minyard, Co-Host 

                                                            The Ken & Barklay Company 

                                                            KABC Talk Radio, Los Angeles 

“Diane’s excellence as musician and songwriter have been coveted and sought after for many years. I’m happy to have a lifetime membership in the Diane Lindsay Fan Club – she’s simply one of the best.” 

                                                            June Millington, Producer, Guitarist 

                                                            Founder, The Institute of the Musical Arts; 

                                                            the legendary rock group “Fanny” and 

                                                            Fabulous Records, New York 

“Diane is one of the most artistically inspiring relationships I have ever had…brilliant, lyrical, rhythmic, breathtaking ideas.” 

                                                            Margie Adam, Singer-songwriter 

                                                            Founder, Pleides Records 

“On ‘All Over Me’, Diane Lindsay delivers a sexy, bluesy rebuttal to the notion that women can’t sing rock.” 

                                                            Pamela Winters, Music Critic 

                                                            Dirty Linen, Baltimore 

”Your music really speaks to that part of me where I’ve done personal work, because you’ve done all this incredible personal work that you express so well in your lyrics. And its SO important for people to hear” 

                                                            Michael Mishaw, Singer 

                                                            Celine Dion, Natalie Cole, Boyz II Men 

“I’m do impressed—you are fantastic! I love, love LOVE your sound. I love your music, totally love it” 

                                                            Clifford Bell, Director, Producer